Crackle Glass

It doesn’t matter what shape, size or color you desire, we create any type of custom crackle glass you want for anything you want.

Crackle glass is created by taking three sheets of glass and stacking them side by side. The two on the outside act as a shield for the third piece in the middle. At Janelle’s Custom Glass, we first laminate the three pieces of glass together. Then we use a spring-loaded punch to tap the middle pane of glass, which causes the middle glass to shatter or better yet, “crackle.” The shattered glass is held in place by the two outer sheets of glass. The result looks somewhat like broken glass, but is actually a very strong wall of glass. The interesting thing about crackle glass is that no two pieces are exactly the same. In other words every piece of crackle glass is unique.

Crackle glass is recommended for table tops, wall partitions, shower walls and shelves.

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